BPL Adult book group has been meeting most months since the fall of 2004. We read fiction and non-fiction and will even occasionally read poetry or a graphic novel. We like to learn something from the books we read, and we also like to enjoy the books we read, but we’re really doing this so we can talk about the books we read. From the beginning, I’ve emphasized that you should come whether you finish the book; some of our very best discussions have come from talking about why we didn’t finish a book.

We’ve been meeting on zoom since the spring of 2020, which had the added benefit of enabling a previous participant who had moved away to rejoin the fun. We do not plan to return to in-person meetings in the near term; however, in the event we do return to in-person meetings, we intend to do so in a hybrid style and continue to include people via zoom.

Zoom session starts at 6:45 pm for chatting, to suggest future book selections, and to allow time to resolve technical difficulties. Book discussion starts at 7 pm, for one hour. Book selections may also be discussed in the email. Zoom credentials are sent out via email the day before or the day of the meeting. If you would like to participate, please get in touch with Rebecca Allen at rla@seanet.com.

March 24 _Fuzz_ by Mary Roach

We’ve really enjoyed reading some of Roach’s earlier books and are looking forward to this one which is about animals interacting with law enforcement. We know humans encroaching on the wilderness can cause problems; Roach’s light-hearted and scientific approach also finds solutions.

April 18 _The Hidden Life of Trees_ by Peter Wohlleben

A forester presents the current scientific evidence for understanding trees as families and communities, not just collections of individuals, and how that can lead to more sustainable forestry practices.