Do you have a favorite author or series? Consider sponsoring their books!

Brookline Public Library’s sponsorship program is easy to join. It helps our collection budget go farther, and lets you have a voice in what materials we order for the library. Speak to a staff member any time about available authors or other items to sponsor. We have a “wish list” of authors which need sponsoring. If you have a favorite author not on our list (or in our library) we’ll consult our collection development policy and work with you.

How does it work?

The library will keep track of when new titles by an author you sponsor are released. The library will purchase them and we will notify you when they arrive. You will pay us for them at a discounted rate, and get to read them first of all! Your name will be proudly displayed on a bookplate visible when the book is opened. If, at some future point, the library decides to discard the item, it will be offered to you to keep.

Is it just adult books?

No! You can also sponsor DVDs (do you have a favorite movie director or actor or actress?), magazines, books, movies, or other items in the youth area.

Not sure I can sponsor a lot of items⸺can I just do one or two?

Absolutely! A onetime sponsorship, or for just a few items, works for us!

Ready to get started? Speak to a staff member, or Marilyn in the back office.